Uberman: Finishing Up

I overslept again last night, obviously working out didn't help keep me awake. As I said before, I'm now finished with the Uberman sleep schedule, or any of my changes to it. It was fun while it lasted, and I learned a lot about sleeping and how my body reacts to the lack of it. I also learned a lot about Blogger while blogging about it, and I really like my blog now, so I think I'll keep posting stuff. :D
Thanks for sticking with me, and I hope my logs are an interesting read. Maybe they'll help someone else be able to switch, that'd be nice.
Here's a list of my posts, I'm also going to edit it into my first post as well.


Uberman Sleep Schedule
Uberman: Day 1
Uberman: Day 2
Uberman: Day 3
Uberman: Day 4
Uberman: Day 5
Uberman: Day 6
Uberman: Day 8: I lied
Uberman: Day 10: I fail at Uberman
Uberman: Day 11: Mixing it up


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