Uberman: Day 11: Mixing it Up

So, last night I started my adaption on the Uberman, sleeping for 2.5 hours at 5 am, and taking the other naps normally. It working pretty well so far, but we'll see how it holds up tomorrow, which is the real test.

Day 12
Well, I went to sleep at 2 for a second nap because I was really tired, and didn't wake up until 7:10...I believe I turned off my alarms and went back to bed.
I'm going to try again, until Thursday. If I can't keep to the schedule until then I'm going back to monophasic sleeping.
Also, I've been wanting to start working out again, but I could never decide when was a good time to do it. I believe I've decided. I'm going to try and work out at 1:30 in the morning to help keep me awake through the night. I believe that will help, we'll see.


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