Uberman: Day 10: I Fail at Uberman

I'm sure somebody noticed I skipped posting anything about my sleeping yesterday. Well, nothing really interesting happened yesterday, so I didn't feel it warranted a blog post. Plus, I did a ton of work on the blog then as well.

Today, however, even though it's only 12, I figured I'd post something, which I can edit if anything interesting happens tonight.

Also, I thought I should explain a little about another anti-oversleeping measure I enabled today. I have a fairly nice speaker set, which is now hooked up to my server, which is running in a cardboard box under my bed. So, I figured that I should download a alarm clock program for my server so that in order to turn it off I have to log into Teamviewer (it's the only way to access the server,) enter a password, connect to the server, then click ok to stop the beeping. If I can seriously oversleep with four flippin' alarms..well, I dunno what I'd say. Hopefully oversleeping won't happen, at least in regards to waking up. I suppose the only way I can oversleep now is if I turn off the alarms and then get back into bed, which is certainly a real possibility, and one that I'll have to fight against.

Something else that's interesting: if you're interested in reading a successful change to polyphasic sleep, you should check out Steve Pavlina's blog, he details his switch to the Uberman, which is completely successful. Something he mentions during his adaption phase is that he feels he gets colder more than normal. It's interesting, but I believe that something similar is happening to me at night as well. During the night I get really pretty cold, even enough to put on a hoodie, which is completely unusual for me. During the day I'm fine, though.
Who knows..


Well, what I said about oversleeping was correct. The only way I could oversleep was if I went back to bed after turning off my alarms, which is--unfortunately--what happened last night. I took my 1 AM nap, woke up, turned off the alarms and went back to bed. I then woke up at 7:20...

With that, I'm finished with the Uberman, but not with polyphasic sleeping. My plan now is to take naps every four hours, except at 5 AM, I'm going to sleep for two and a half hours, until 7:30. That was what happened when I started the sleep schedule, and I didn't feel that tired while doing it.

I suppose my goal is to just be able to use the hours at night. I've always felt that sleeping all the way through the night is wasteful and inefficient, and with this schedule I get to utilize the night hours.


Maia said...

It has been and interesting learning experience to watch you try it keep experimenting you also might try using a blue light at night when you are awake some people are more diurnal I think I am spelling that right than others

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