Uberman: Day 5

Last night my 9 o'clock nap lasted for about an hour and half. This is, of course, I slept through my alarm. I'm still astounded that I can even do that, I never used to be able to. From now on every nap I take during the day is going to have two alarms set, and at night three alarms set, just in case.
But, I'm writing this on the morning of the 5th day, and the night went very well. I didn't oversleep any of my naps, or anything. I also took a nap at 3, just so I wouldn't be as tired for the 5 o'clock one. I'm probably going to continue the nap at 3, at least for the adjustment period. The extra nap also made the night seem so much shorter, it was nice. :p
On a random note: we're suppose to be getting our air conditioner fixed today, which will make taking naps in the afternoon in my room bearable again.

Yup, air conditioner's fixed, my room feels good. :D


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