Uberman: Day 8: I lied

Okay, so, I lied. I said I was going to stop, but I didn't actually. I thought that I couldn't stop myself oversleeping, which was mostly not true.

You see, I set three alarms. The ones on my phone and iPod are set to go off at the same time, which is 25 minutes. But my big alarm on my clock (which is across the room) was set to go off at 30 minutes after I got in bed.

Apparently, once you go into 'deep sleep,' which is the cycle after REM sleep, your body shuts down a large amount of external stimuli, so having an alarm set for when you're in deep sleep is completely useless. The guy who said this said that you should set your alarm for 40 or 45 minutes after you get in bed, as you'll probably be out of your deep sleep cycle and be able to be woken up. And you'll only have overslept for 25 minutes as opposed to hours, which is always preferable.

Now, I tried this for the past two nights, the first night was uneventful, as I had had quite a bit of sleep the night before. The second was much harder, though. I took an extra nap at 3 AM, and was still dog tired after my 5 AM nap.

After my 5 AM nap I got up and was programming and fooling around on the internet for a while, but I got so tired that I laid down in my bed with all my clothes on. (Not smart, I know, but I was seriously tired.) Fortunately dad woke me up at 8, and I think I only overslept for about an hour or and hour and a half.

I just took my 5 PM nap, and let's just say I woke from that one pretty darn disorientated. I slept till 7, and for a few minutes, before I talked to mom, I thought it was in fact Saturday instead of Friday. So, that was good news, I hadn't slept through the entire night, I'd only overslept by about 2 hours.

So, I have to think of a way to keep myself awake when I'm seriously tired around 5-6 AM or so. I need to go something enervating. My first thought was to take my shower then, with fairly cool water, of course. A hot shower would just make me more sleepy. Another idea I had was to do some jumping jacks, or push ups and stuff. Or maybe I'll do both, I'm not sure yet. If I take a shower will depend on if it will wake up Daniella, as the shower is right next to her bed. Whether I do the mini-workout is dependent on how destroyed I feel.

So, wish me luck, I'm gonna keep trying to switch to the Uberman.


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