The Capital Fight

This one isn't about me. I like to hang out in other people's comms when my alliances' are slow and/or boring at times. Because of that I occasionally hear interesting or funny stories. This story is one of those.

I was hanging around someone's comms (I won't name names so people don't yell at me about opsec and shit) and someone called that there was a Phoenix and Thanatos warping to a wormhole, which they jumped through. Suddenly everyone on their comms exploded with what do I need to bring, etc, etc. They were told to get in shit to tackle the caps with, so they did and were able to lock down the caps for a little while. During this time the CEO of this particular alliance hopped in his Phoenix to go and kill them. I was a bit confused at first, because I thought the Phoenix didn't do enough damage against things that move, but apparently I was wrong.

It took him a while, but eventually the CEO was able to take down the Phoenix, and the Thanatos warped away. By this point the Thanatos had killed a lot of the subcap support that was on field, and the wormhole back into my friends' home had collapsed (three caps is a lot of mass.) So the members had exited to lowsec to reship as fast as they could. Given that there was no tackle on the Thanatos, who took that opportunity to warp away. The CEO decided to warp to the lowsec hole in case he needed to leave in a hurry. The Thanatos was spotted warping to that hole, so the CEO jumped out into lowsec so he wouldn't get rolled into the enemy wormhole.

Boom boom.
The Thanatos jumped into lowsec with him. So once again the fight was on, in a manner of speaking. Small-scale capital fights, like the one that happened here, tend to take a really long time, because capitals have a lot of EHP, and one dreadnought only does so much DPS, even in siege. The entire fight, as I recall, took around 10-15 minutes to get up to this point, and then lasted another 10 minutes after. Not a short fight for the few kills that did happen, by any means. Now that everyone was in lowsec, the Thanatos called in subcap reinforcements. A Hawk, Stiletto, and two Ishtars jumped in to help keep the dread tackled and keep the field clear of hostiles for them. Had out corp actually had ships near this lowsec system, or a more direct connection back to their home, they might have been able to put up more of a fight. As it was they trickled onto the field piecemeal and died as such. They brought like two or three Blackbirds in to try and get the Phoenix un-tackled and away, but they all got killed before it could happen.

The DPS of the enemies on field apparently wasn't all that great, and the CEO decided he had had enough of being shot at. So he announced in comms that he was tired of this shit and was going to eject. There was a moment of stunned silence, given exactly how many ships the corp members had lost to try and get the capital kills and to get his Phoenix out of danger. The FC told him not to just yet, that they were still trying to get him out and whatnot. So he didn't eject. At least not for five more minutes. Apparently being shot at for long periods of time wasn't this guy's idea of a good time, so he decided to eject anyway. So he did, bitching the entire time about how he didn't have time for this shit and how his corpmates were bad and should have been able to do a better job of PVPing and all that fun, derogatory stuff. The enemies blew up his Phoenix, he said he knew because he got the insurance for it. And the fleet kind of had the sails cut out from under them. They dropped fleet and went back to doing whatever it was they were doing before the call to form up had happened.
A sincerely lackluster end to what could have been a very sterling fight.


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