Exactly How Rich We Are

I've been reading the EVE novels recently. So far I've finished The Empyrean Age and I'm about halfway through Templar One, but what I want to talk about mainly appears in Empyrean, so it's not as important that I haven't finished Templar.

Capsuleers are immortal, we know this. It's been advertised to us for a very long time. Something that we don't see in game pretty much at all is what non-capsuleers live like. There are NPCs that we get missions from, and that we kill, but that's it. Never are the crews of our ships mentioned, or do we have to pay our crews. The lore and novels give us some insight into how other people live.

Normal people are extremely varied. The book switches from people who can't rub three credits together (literally, they don't have 3 ISK) and CEOs of corporations that throw around capsuleer-level amount of ISK. Because of that it's a tiny bit confusing trying to get a sense of scale in terms of ISK, but it gets better as the book goes on. Turns out, for most people ISK is worth a lot. I haven't been able to figure out an exact amount or correlation for ISK to something we can relate to, but I've found references that CCP said 1 ISK would be enough to feed a family of 4 on a planet for a year. So that's a lot of money. You can probably figure it at around $50,000. Obviously, ISK is intended as a capsuleer unit of currency, the other planet-side currency is probably some smaller denomination of ISK depending on the faction and planet.

But back to the original question: how rich are we? Well, if we assume 1 ISK is worth $50k, then my lower-space-middleclass worth of 4b liquid is worth $200,000,000,000,000 (200 trillion USD.)

Well then. That's a hell of a lot of money. Obviously the numbers are rough, but they're probably in the right order of magnitude, which is close enough for my purposes.
Just for funsies, let's see how much a titan is worth. At around 120b, it equates to $6,000,000,000,000,000. That's 6 quadrillion dollars, which, according to what I can find, is about 6 times more than the US is worth. As for the entire world, I think a single titan might be worth more than the entire world and assets, but I doubt it, if only barely.

Obviously, the market and economy of New Eden is very different from Earth, considerably larger and worth a lot more. But that is how rich we are. We hold the wealth of worlds in our hands, beyond that we hold the wealth of galaxies in our alliances.

That's pretty damn awesome.


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