Premature Explosions

I was out doing my normal evening scanning run around our systems, I found a C5 wormhole (N432, they're everywhere) that had only 4 sigs. Usually the C5s I find have upwards of 15 or more, so when I'm feeling lazier I don't scan them down because that's a lot of work and I can only really ninja the gas sites for money, so doing other stuff is usually better. Anyway, I scanned down the four signatures, there was one gas site and two wormholes. The not-static hole lead to Pure Blind. I bookmarked it and mentioned it in comms and didn't think anything more of it. I left the wormhole and continued my scanning run. A little bit later one of my corpmates asked me if we were going to poke around Pure Blind to see if we could kill something. I hadn't thought about it, so I said sure and threw up a fleet. Turns out not a lot of people wanted to do anything, so there were only four people in fleet including myself: Haloform, NINX, and XJaws. Originally I was going to go out in cruisers, but with just two people could could bring them I decided to use destroyers and frigates instead.

NINX was in a Malediction and our scout. He jumped into system while the rest of us waited inside the wormhole. He spotted an Oracle and Exequror on D-scan, which I told him to warp around and try to find them. My reasoning there was that our destroyers and frigates could easily stay under the Oracle's guns and should be able to out-damage the Exequror's reps. It didn't take NINX too long to find them, they were sitting on one of the gates. So I told him to lock up the Oracle and bump him to try and get him to aggress. NINX locked him up and tried to innefectualy bump him, and the Oracle locked him up and did start shooting him. I called for the rest of the fleet to jump in and warp to NINX. It was a medium-length warp, but when we landed I saw the Oracle was around 50km off of me, and the Exequror about 15km away from me. That's not what I wanted. At this point I made a mistake. I should have called for us to warp out to something close and to tell NINX to get right on top of the Oracle (he was actually orbiting at 10km he later told me.) Unfortunately I didn't make that call and instead told the rest of the fleet to target the Exequror, who had webbed and scrammed me by this point. Of course the Oracle locked me up (I was in a Thrasher, Halo in a Dragoon and XJaws in a Navy Slicer) and dropped 90% of my shield in his first shot. I realized that I was going to die, and should have told everyone else to warp out, but I didn't. So I died and then Halo got popped in the same way. Thankfully NINX and XJaws got out just fine, so we only lost ~17 mil. But that wasn't exactly how I wanted that roam to go, heh.

At that point I told them to stand down, once we got back home, as I had homework I needed to do, but otherwise I would have taken them back out and maybe not died so quickly. I think the whole roam took about 15 minutes. Shortest death evar.


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