Freighter Rebalance

The freighter rebalance was announced at Fanfest 2014, and we recently got details on what exactly that rebalance was going to be. Originally the freighters and jump freighters were going to get rigs. Now, that sounds cool at first, but then you have to realize what Fozzie was going to do to the base stats to make it work, and it really felt like a big nerf, mainly because capital rigs are really expensive and get destroyed when you remove them. This would create a situation where people would have needed multiple freighters to do different tasks, or one freighter to do one task well and the rest suboptimally. Thankfully, Fozzie heard these complaints and agreed. Now freighters and jump freighters are going to have low slots.

This is better for two reasons, although they're pretty much the same. Firstly, it doesn't feel like as hard of a nerf because the expense of getting a freighter or JF up to where it was pre-Kronos would have been upwards of 700m on the current market, and with low slots the same effect is around 1.5m with T2 cargo extenders. Secondly, there is much more flexibility for the freighters with low slots, obviously because they're very easy to switch out, being modules. Also, it's less of a purely numerical nerf. Freighters are going to be able to carry more and have a lot more base hp than pre-patch, which personally I'm in favor of. I don't think freighters and JFs need to be nerfed into the ground to encourage industry out in nullsec. Negative reinforcement is always less helpful than positive.


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