Wormhole Procurers

When I logged in I was informed there was a C3 wormhole in our home system. Not that the information was all that pressing, it was only really mentioned in passing. But I decided to go check it out.

I jumped into the hole in my scanny Buzzard that I usually use when I go out scanning. I immediately saw two Procurers and two Epithals on scan, along with a active tower. I figured I'd take a look around and see if I could get any kills, since I wouldn't be able to run any of the sites. So I set about trying to find the tower, when halfway through locating it the thought struck me that maybe those Procurers were actually mining, so I warped at 100 to one of the two ore anoms in the hole. Lo and behold, there were the two ships, happily mining away 80 kilometers from each other.

That's a bit of odd positioning, but whatever. I dropped a message and fleet advert in corp to see if anyone wanted to kill these with me, as I do like to share the kills with my corpies. Aivlis replied almost immediately, saying he wanted in. But other than him apparently none of my corp actually wanted to kill anything. But two people and their alts are more than enough to take out two Procurers.

Von Keigai had a similar experience.
Both me and Aivlis quickly refitted our cloaky Tengus to be able to actually do damage and tank at least a little damage. I undocked first, but then realized I had forgotten to fit a point and redocked, feeling a bit silly. After fixing that little oversight I jumped back into the hole and warped to the tactical I made while in my Buzzard. I hung out for a few minutes waiting for Aivlis, keeping eyes on the miners. They sat there and did absolutely nothing, so that was invigorating.

Aivlis finished fitting his Tengu and joined me at the tactical. We decided who was going to go after what, since they were so far from each other we couldn't attack both at the same time. We also brought our alts, mine in a Vexor and his in a Naga. Our alts were to warp to the Procurer our mains weren't attacking, to attain maximum whoreage.

Aivlis warped to 10 off his miner, and I warped to zero on mine, telling him to engage. We decloaked and got our systems running, scramming them at pretty much the same time. My miner was apparently AFK or something, because he just sat there while I shot him. Once our points were well attached we brought in our alts. Then the Procurers really started dying faster. Cloaky Tengus really don't do all that much damage. When Aivlis uncloaked to begin with, his miner deployed some drones. Specifically 3 T1 Hobgoblins and 2 T1 Acolytes. Because T1 drones do all the damage. Needless to say he got Aivlis to 97% shield before he died.

My Procurer popped first, with Aivlis' alt actually getting the kill. Shortly after Aivlis' miner popped with my alt getting that kill. We found that coincidence quite humorous. Even more humor was found from looking at the miners' fits. One had a web and the other had a scram, which we presumed their original intention was to be able to web and scram anyone who attacked them, except the problem being that they were 80km away from each other, rendering the web pretty useless.

And once again, I am very thankful that wormholes are NBSI to Providence. Provides many funny kills.


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