Black Ops

I have been able to fly covert ops ships for quite a while. I think the first T2 ship I ever got into was the Manticore, and I've always loved flying them. There's something very rewarding to skillfully maneuvering around an enemy while cloaked, knowing that if you get too close to anything at all you'll die in a fire.
The natural extension of covert ops ships are black ops battleships. I think those things are pretty damn awesome. They have no speed penalty while cloaked (assuming your skills don't suck) and can jump and bridge to covert cynos. They make moving through space quickly and quietly very easy. They're also the only non-capital to have jump drives, which is really sexy.

I'm not able to fly a black ops battleship yet, but I have been a part of a fair few covert ops fleets in my Manticore. Most recently there was a known hotdropper logged off in our system, and I saw a fleet advert up, so I hopped in because I didn't have anything else to do. Turned out we were going to try and counterdrop the reds. So we formed up and sat around for a little while, as is normal.

When we finally got formed up and everything, I think we had like three or four bombers and three black ops sitting at a POS, a pretty small fleet. The FC asked for bait, so I brought out my alt's dominix and started ratting in the system next to where the red was logged off. I had warped to the Forsaken Hub, but it turned out someone else had already started running it. I mentioned this to the FC, but he said fuck 'em and just finish the site. So I did, and right as the red logged on I finished the site, and it despawned from the menu. I called this out and started to warp to a Forsaken Rally Point. I had barely landed on grid and dropped drones when a Hound warped in on top of me and lit his cyno. I was actually quite surprised that everything had played out so well at this point. I warped to the top rally point, hoping that would be where the red would warp as well. The reds bridged in on me and I overheated my stuff, just to be on the safe side. By this point our recon tackle had landed and started grabbing things, and our cyno went up and in came my main character and our blops and bombers.

In all, a successful counter. We killed I believe one or two bombers, a Falcon and a Redeemer. Then we got bombed, which popped the wrecks. Thankfully we had already grabbed the loot. Our FC was screaming at us to do so, actually.

That's just one of the covert ops I've been on, and I find them quite invigorating. It's a very different feel than a roam, or a conventional fleet. Much more limited in scope than a conventional hotdrop.


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