About Me

I had the realization that I've been writing posts for a little while and chances are very few of the people who read my posts have any idea who I am. Which, to be perfectly honest, is probably fine and I doubt anybody cares.
But! I need something to write, so I might as well make this a post.

My in game name is Raltera Muvila. I am, last I checked, the only Raltera in the game. So that's a tiny brag I have. I am in the Ubuntu Inc. corporation, which is a part of the The Fourth District alliance. The entire alliance lives in Providence, and actually owns some sov there too.

Ubuntu is a new player focused corp, also with a focus on training players for PVP. We're a moderately small corporation, with around 100 players or so, including alts, but it is a nice place to be, has a lot of very helpful and generous people in corp.

Myself. In game, of course.
The Fourth District (4th) is a Caldari Roleplaying alliance, primarily. The executor corp, Caldari Navy Reserve (CAIN) does a lot of roleplay events, whereas Ubuntu and most of the other corps don't so much.

Most of my personal interests and things I do I've written about to some extent on here. I do PVE, mainly running DEDs that spawn around our space. I also like doing PVP, be that solo or fleet-based. I have two of my alts that live in a wormhole doing PI, which is starting to be fairly profitable.

On a more personal level, I'm 19 years old, a freshman in community college in the Los Angeles area, in California. I am a computer programmer (as can be seen by looking at my programming posts), along with a photographer, theatre lighting designer, and a few other hobbies I putter around with.

That's a small snapshot of me, hope you enjoyed my autobiography.


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