The Critical Wormhole

I was doing my normal scanning around my home to see if I could find anything to make money off when I found this C3 wormhole. I popped in to see if there was anything interesting inside. On d-scan there was an Orca and a Retriever. Well, no way in hell the Orca is gonna be outside the POS, and chances are the retty isn't either, but it can't hurt to check. So I bookmarked the exit and started prancing around the system.

I first tried to locate the POS where the Orca--and probably Retriever--was at. I got down to fairly close on d-scan when I realized they were not at the same location. It didn't look like the Retriever was actually in a POS. So I immediately warped to the first of three ore anoms and lo and behold, there was not one Retriever, but two Covetors. What luck! I warped to the other two ore anoms as well, and found the retty in the last one.

So I threw up a fleet advert in corp, and told people to get on Teamspeak. It was a good time on Sunday, so there I got around 8 characters in fleet and 5 in comms almost immediately (I was quite impressed at the response time.)

I told everyone to get on the wormhole entrance as I burned towards the two Covetors. My original plan was to get a dictor to bubble up on the two Covetors and an interceptor to go catch the retriever. Of course, plans have a way of not working out the way you intend them to. It just so happened I hadn't checked the mass of the wormhole before I came in, because apparently the dwellers had put their Orca through it once or twice, and the hole was at critical mass. So when I gave the order for the fleet to jump in, only two people made it in before the hole collapsed. Oops.

Of the people who were trying to get in, only two did. Paul, Atreyu, CrzyChkn, Thorstein, NINX3, and my alt were attempting to get into the hole, but only Crzy and NINX actually made it in. Ah well.
Crzy had a Caracal and NINX a 'ceptor, so that would work. I told them to warp to me and tackle the Covetors. At this point one of the Covetors actually warped out, and I was a bit disappointed at that. But they landed and made short work of the first Covetor and his pod. Then, Bob being the generous god he is, decided to send the Covetor pilot back in a Miasmos for some reason. Of course, he didn't warp his pod out either. I went ahead and told Crzy and NINX to pop the cans they were jetcan mining to as well. Are we terrible people? Absolutely.

By this point the Retriever had already warped out, so if there was only one person in the hole, he wasn't completely mentally deficient. Then he started yelling at us in local in Russian. We got our best translators on it (i.e. Google Translate) and he was crying.

Cheburashka bonus > герой
Cheburashka bonus > молодец
Cheburashka bonus > целого индуса и коветора убил
Cheburashka bonus > медальку тебе надо
Cheburashka bonus > супер ПвП
Crzychkn > Yes I would like a medal.
Cheburashka bonus > нет медали, могу награду дать
Cheburashka bonus > перечислил

Which Google says translates to
Cheburashka bonus> hero
Cheburashka bonus> done
Cheburashka bonus> whole Hindu and killed Covetor
Cheburashka bonus> do you want a medal
Cheburashka bonus> super PvP
Crzychkn> Yes I would like a medal.
Cheburashka bonus> no medals can give reward
Cheburashka bonus> listed

So that was quite entertaining.

The moral of this story is to always close your holes! They had criticaled the nullsec hole, but hadn't closed it. Their lowsec static hadn't been initialized, so if they had actually closed our hole they would have been able to mine in peace for at least a little while. But they didn't, so they died.

Praise Bob.


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