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I read Gevlon Goblin's blog fairly religiously. There are a great many people who either love him or hate him. Whatever your opinion, if you have one, there in an undeniable fact that he is good at making ISK. He advocates station trading as the ultimate source of ISK, but I have yet to actually succeed in making money from it, but that's a different post. One of his more recent experiments was living in a C1 wormhole, an N110 to be precise. (That means it has a hisec static wormhole.)

He calls the C1 holes ISK goldmines, but not for the combat sites, because those are kind of terrible, although they can be ran with like a drake. No, he says wormhole PI is where the money is at in C1/C2 holes. The reason is because planetary resources are calculated on the truesec of the system. The higher the truesec is the worse the planet is. Hence, why lowsec planets are better than high, and null are better than low. Now, wormholes are interesting. Every single wormhole system has a sec status of -1, which is as low as you can go, and there aren't a great many nullsec systems that have truesec status that low either, which means that the planets in even a C1 are much better than most of nullsec. The disadvantage of that is the planets in a C6 are just as good as ones in a C1, although probably less used, but that really isn't that big of a deal.

Logistics are the biggest problem in wormholes. Hisec is where everything is sold, and moving things from wormholes to hisec is probably the biggest hurdle to overcome when living in W-space. Unlike nullsec you can't just light a cyno and bring your jump freighter into the system and back out again. In w-space you have to manually fly your stuff out and through the chain you've previously found to a lowsec or hisec system. The big advantage of N110 C1 systems is you don't have to worry about that, you always have a hisec static hole in your system.

Pretty, no?

Armed with this information, I started up dual training on two of my characters to train into basic PI and scanning. Also one of my friends, Mike, was interested in this project, so he did the same thing. Over the month it took to train into what I needed I bought things I knew I would need to live in w-space. Not least of which is a POS. It's recommended to use a large POS, because in a C1 wormhole you can't bring anything large than a battlecruiser in, so POS bashes turn into a big struggle when you can't bring battleships, and most people don't care enough to do so. But I'd rather not spend more ISK than I have to, so I decided to go with a medium POS, which still allows me to get around 1k DPS with small autocannons and sensor damps, and still have enough room for the other things you need in w-space.

I spent a few days looking for a suitable hole in hisec, and eventually I found one I liked. It didn't have as many planets as I would have liked, but it had enough. So I began to move things from Jita to the hisec system, and into the hole. After I had gotten the POS set up and everything moved in, which took the better part of a day, I started setting up my PI. It costs about 7-8 mil or so to fully set up a planet, and I had five to set up, which ended up being about 38 mil. Which isn't insignificant, but it's almost there. Having got everything set up, I logged off for the night. When I logged back in the next morning to move things around on planets, I realized you could restrict access to POCOs, which I didn't know. So we couldn't actually get things off the planets at all, because we didn't have the standings to do so. Which is quite stupid, people should leave their POCOs open, but with like a 10-15% tax, so people can use them.

So I sent an EVE-Mail off to the CEO of the corp and waited for a response. And waited. I waited for about three or four days, then decided to go ahead and tear everything down before I wasted anymore fuel. Mike also agreed, so we moved everything out into hisec and let the hole vanish into the unknown. Unfortunate, but luckily a fairly cheap lesson. I knew when I found another system with POCOs I was going to make sure I could move things before I set up the tower and moved in.

After a few days of me feeling like a fool, I went back out to scan for another hole. Almost got my faction scanning fit heron killed, which was exciting. Luckily the Crow that tried to tackle me didn't have a web, so I managed to escape. But eventually I found another system that was promising. All the POCOs were owned by one corp, and that corp had an active small POS in the hole. There were also 9 planets in the system, which eveplanets says can make up to P4 stuff, which is excellent. So I parked my alt in the hole and send off a mail to the CEO asking for blue status to use the POCOs, which also had a 97-100% tax. Obviously they don't want people using their system without permission.

Hopefully when the CEO responds in the affirmative before too long we will move in and begin making actual money.


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