EVE Solo: Switch

I apparently have a problem trying to write posts and have them up in an actual schedule. Anyway.

On Sunday I had gone into HED once again and killed this stiletto then died again. But that's not interesting to read about. In part it was why I had held off from writing this post, because I didn't know what to talk about. I think I've figured it out now. I need to move around and not just go into HED every weekend to farm T2 frigate kills for ISK efficiency, which is what has been happening. What I really need to do is switch it up.

My goal in doing this solo PVP is to learn how EVE combat works, on an intuitive and cognitive level. Understanding the rock-paper-scissors of the game is integral to doing combat well, and I don't really get what is best to kill what and what's going to destroy me horribly. Obviously, running around in a destroyer isn't going to teach me all that much about all of EVE's combat, namely things above battlecruiser I won't encounter at all, unless it's being blapped by Nagas or Tornadoes. But going out in cruisers I feel is beyond me currently. Partly because they are considerably more expensive than destroyers, and they lose a lot of mobility, so I'm slightly scared of being blobbed by frigates and not being able to kill anything. But we shall see. When I end up getting killed by a cruiser I'll probably re-evaluate my position.

Until then I need to figure out what new things I can do in a destroyer.


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