EVE Solo: New Goal

My last post I talked about how I needed a new goal or suchlike, because going out and farming T2 frigates for efficiency isn't the best way to learn things. Luckily, I have come up with a solution to this problem. In the longer term, it means setting goals that mean I have to get better at solo PVP. A specific example of that is my new goal when going out is to try and kill two things before I die. If that's in the same fight or not, it doesn't really matter. Just two things for one Thrasher.

I called my Saturday the day of almosts. We ran our first corp black ops fleet, and almost killed a navy raven, but didn't. A guy in corp found a Tengu and Legion in a wormhole, and we almost killed it, but didn't. And I didn't even get close to killing anything out solo.


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