Sugar Kyle for CSM

Sugar Kyle recently posted that she was going to be running for CSM. She hasn't officially posted her platform or anything like that yet, but from what she writes about on her blog we can surmise what her focuses are going to be on.

But first, a preface. Hers is one of the blogs I read regularly. I started reading her blog because she was logging how she was creating a new market in her lowsec home, and markets and trading is something I've always been very interested in. From there, I've read her posts on everything from her personal life to how she still doesn't see herself as a successful PVPer, even though she is better skilled and better at piloting than most people I know.

I think she would be an excellent CSM member. There aren't many members that are so trade-focused for non-profit reasons. She calls her type of market the 'Cult of Reasonable Prices.' She brought the prices in Molden Health (her home in lowsec) down, cut the ridiculous markup of many items, and even inadvertently brought other people into her region who do the same thing, and so has fostered an extremely healthy economy in her region. I don't know of another CSM who has done something so large-scale and beneficial.

Although her banner could be better.
Even aside from that, one of her personal focuses is helping newbies. She's always hanging around the EVE-Uni channel, answering questions when she can and just hanging out when she can't. She's also shown a remarkable drive to better herself, constantly pushing herself to be better at whatever she thinks she should be, and keeps working at it until she achieves her goal. That is an extremely admirable trait, and one that would serve anyone well in absolutely anything they do.

Finally, she blogs in abundance. On the level or even above Gevlon or Ripard. (Although not comparing quality, only quantity.) Most of the currently CSM members don't do a great much blogging about what they have been up to, excepting Ripard, that I know of. She lists communication as one of her strong points, and I am inclined to agree. While not always without spelling mistakes, the quality of writing and communication is exemplary.

These are a few of the reasons I'll be voting for her in the next CSM election.


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