EVE Solo: The Talwar Encounter

So it's the weekend again and I'm in my empty clone headed out of Provi toward HED to try and get some kills again in my Thrasher.

I made it into HED with no problem, but in SV5 (the system next to HED) there was a Naga fleet somewhere in system, probably at a POS or something. I never ended up running into them.

But I jumped into HED and farted around on the gate for a little while, trying to chase some frigates down, never ended up catching anything that way, though. The funniest thing that happened was a Hound decloaked about 50 from me and started shooting torps at me. So I started burning at it with my MWD on. I anticipated him warping out when I was around 15 or 20k out, but this special individual decided to not do that for some reason, and I ended up scramming him when I hit 10km with the overheated scram. He then melted fairly quickly and I found out he had completely shitfit his bomber.

After that I ended up hanging around the gate trying to catch anyone who tried to attack me that I could kill. A Maelstrom tried to kill me at one point too, but I just jumped through and he stopped trying to kill me. I would presume he didn't think he was actually going to kill me, but tried just in case I was dumb.

Eventually, after waiting for a little while and not finding anything, a Talwar landed at zero on the gate. I locked it up and started shooting at it. He started burning off, naturally, as Talwars are kitey fit. This didn't really click with me at the time, or I would have a) made better sure my scram was on him, and b) realized he had a microwarp sig reduction on the ship hull. In conjunction with the fact that a kiting Talwar is not likely to engage a brawler Thrasher without a backup fleet. And so it was, the destroyer fleet landed on me and blew me the hell up.


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