Heidiphasic Sleep - Day 9

Oddly, failure is easy to define but success isn't. Let me explain. In order to fail, I have to repeatedly oversleep and be tired most of the time. That's a pretty definite goal, but success in this endeavor is simply the absence of failure, which isn't as simple as you'd think, given that you can simply invert the failure constraints.
I suppose success would be simply not failing for a fairly long period of time.

Speaking of time, given everything that I've read, I think it takes about two weeks to change your sleeping habits/Circadian Rhythm. So I would guess that if I continue to do well for another week or so, I'll be mostly adjusted to the schedule. This is simply postulation, of course.

I've been very tired most of today, spent most of the day being lethargic and feeling bad. After my 4 nap I felt a lot better.


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