Heidiphasic Sleep - Day 10: Oversleeping and a Schedule Change

I overslept this morning, kind of on purpose. I got up successfully at 5:30, but I was so dead tired I legitimately couldn't keep my eyes open in my chair, much less actually do anything. So I went back to bed for a 30 minute nap, which I think ended up being more like an hour and a half nap, but whatever. This lead me to think about being able to sleep in on the weekends if I can. It would make sense, since normal people don't get up at early times unless they have to, and my wakeup time on weekdays is only a half hour before I would get up for school anyway. So I believe I will try sleeping in on the weekends, but still taking my naps in the afternoon as normal.

Hopefully it'll work fine. If not, I'll change back.


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