Heidiphasic Sleep - Day 7-8

Waking up this morning was annoyingly hard, but I buckled down and got up. Molly was having more problems, though. I texted her when I got up to see if she was up. She didn't respond. So I texted her again, still no response. It was about 5:40 by this time, so I called her. Turns out she was about to hit the snooze button for the second time. Accountability is good, and it's easier to do things in pairs!


I woke up this morning and my eyes were very bloodshot which was really random. Mom gave me some of the eye drops stoners use to get rid of their red eyes and I was fine. Was just quite annoying. (No, my mom isn't a stoner.)

I've also noticed that, unlike the polyphasic schedules, I am retaining my sense of time. I don't forget what day it is all the time, and I presume this is because I do in fact sleep through the night in a larger chunk, which is what makes this schedule so much easier than polyphasic.


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