Heidiphasic Sleep - Day 11: Whoops

I slept in today like I said I would, till 8. I have a feeling that sleeping in that much isn't actually helpful, but harmful to the schedule. I'll probably try and get up at 7 next weekend, but for the rest of the week it's back to the normal schedule.

Well then. I don't think sleeping in was such a good idea. It just kinda sorta completely messed up my schedule. I went to bed at 10 for my nap and woke up at 5:30..That's not cool. So, obviously that much sleeping in completely threw my body off. Sigh.
Now we have the week, so let's try and get back on the schedule correctly.


Terrance James said...

Hey, found this, because I'm debating changing my sleep schedule too after checking the options (Everyman, Polyphasic, and Heidiphasic) considering my normal one is failing me.
Anyways, thanks for the experimental data, useful! and Good Luck!

Elec0 said...

I'm glad I could help you, I wish you luck on your own endeavors!

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