Heidiphasic Sleep - Week 2 Overview

I decided not to post every day since not much has happened this last week, and that makes for quite boring reading. Instead, if the weeks go as planned I'll just be posting a overview at the end of the week detailing what happened, which should be just as fine I hope.

The majority of the week has gone pretty well, since in the mornings I have had to wake up early for school, oversleeping wasn't really an issue. Although I was having the problem where I would get up at 5:30 but be so tired I couldn't even keep my eyes open, so I'd go back to bed for 10 minutes, which turned into 30 minutes, and then I'd be fine.

Here's a picture of a dog riding a bike to keep you entertained.
To fix this I set the alarm on my phone (I use two alarms, one of my phone next to me and one across the room.) to 10 minutes earlier, so 5:20. Not to get me out of bed, but to wake me up so I'm sleeping less deeply when my alarm at 5:30 rings. It also gives the feeling of being able to get back in bed which for some reason feels really good.

As for oversleeping, I don't believe I've overslept more than once or twice this week, although I can't remember exactly. The longest time I've overslept was this morning, went to bed at 10:30 for the nap then and woke up at 7. Don't even remember turning off my alarm, so whoops.

I know that most people need something to do later at night to keep them awake, and I'm no different. I usually play video games, mainly League of Legends with my friends, to keep me awake. It's not a game where you can just turn off your brain, so it's perfect for keeping someone awake. Of course you don't play as well when you're tired, but that's inevitable. But staying awake after my 10PM nap hasn't been that much of a problem lately, to be honest. I know one time I had to go to bed at 12:40 because my eyes were about to close on me no matter where I was, so I got a little bit more sleep that day, but not enough to matter, I believe.

Overall, the second week has gone better than the first week. I only overslept once or twice as opposed to last week's quite a few times, and hopefully next week will go even better.


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