Polyphasic Sleep Take II - Day 4: Oversleeping

I just had the first dream I remembered while on the polyphasic schedule. This is good news, it means that I am achieving REM sleep when I sleep at least some of the time. Then again, I did already know that because I hadn't gone insane from lack of sleep.

Well, I'm back from a day of being incredibly busy. We went to a set build at the local theatre for a few hours, then came home and rested for about two hours, after which we went to a cast party for...five hours? So I'm pretty tired. We'll see how tonight goes, hopefully it'll be okay.

Well. It wasn't okay. I overslept until 7:30. That's not exactly surprising, considering how much sleep I didn't get yesterday. Apparently I slept through both my alarms, which hasn't happened since the Uberman, and I think it's because I was just so tired they couldn't wake me up. The obvious solution to this is not to get so tired that I sleep through my alarms, which shouldn't be a problem since last night was the last really big thing we had to do, so far as I know, for now.
But in future if I have something large happening the next day I plan to 'stock up' on sleep, as it were. Meaning that I would take more naps the previous night than needed to I would have more energy the next day.


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