Polyphasic Sleep Take II: Day 3

I have decided how I'm dividing up my days for writing them up on here. The day lasts from around 06:00-07:00 from one day to the next. So my last post ended around 7, which would be the end of day 2. This post is going to take up from there until tomorrow (the 7th) around 6 or 7. It seems like a fairly good way to do it. I was having problems figuring out when to post the stuff I had written, and this makes it easier.

Anyway, after I woke up from my nap around 7 I watched some more Merlin, which is what I was watching last night to stave off the sleepiness, and it did a pretty awesome job. To be honest, I don't remember what I did this morning, exactly. I do remember that I took a nap around 9 and accidentally slept 40 minutes too long, but I don't count that as a huge failure. The reason is that it was during the day, and I get less sleep during the day anyway, so I can view that as taking some extra naps. And I don't think it screwed with my schedule that much, or it doesn't feel like it.

At the moment I'm waiting for my lunch to settle so I can take another nap (it's 13:12.) Oh yeah, I've decided to switch my times to military time because it just makes more sense..and my Rainmeter clock is in military time.

An odd thing is happening, or I think it's happening. My sense of time, at least while I'm asleep, is getting thrown off. I feel as though I've slept for much longer than the 15-20 minutes I actually slept, which is odd. Because of this, I have to figure out before I go to bed when I need to wake up, so I know that I haven't actually overslept, which is almost always my reaction when I wake up.

It's now 6:14, and I've still been having that sense of time problem, which is very weird. I started writing down when my alarm is set for so I know that I'm actually on time, it seems to help.
For most of tonight I haven't been that tired, oddly. It might be because of the extra 40 minutes I got yesterday morning, but I think it has more to do with the fact that I've been doing something engaging for pretty much all of tonight, which has kept my attention away from the fact that I'm tired. And that brings with it a new problem: I'm not trying to stay up all night with no sleep, I'm trying to get my body to get into a polyphasic rhythm, which doesn't include not sleeping for most of the night. So I decided that, at least while I was doing something like playing Skyrim, I would take a nap every hour or hour and a half. It seems to be working, but I won't know until later, because I have a very large day today. Hopefully I won't get too tired.


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