Polyphasic Sleep Take II: Day 2

The first night and day of my new polyphasic sleep schedule went well. Now I'm into the second night, which was always the place I could never get past with the Uberman, but I'm feeling more confident about this schedule.

I've decided to start learning about music theory again. I'll probably also do some reading eventually, but reading is very active, whereas watching TV is quite passive, and easy to do when you're tired.

At this point in time it is 1:21 AM and I've just recently woken up from my first nap, which went pretty well, and I had no trouble getting out of bed for, which is a nice change. I have made a few changes to my room for this experiment. One of the biggest problems I had with the Uberman was oversleeping. I would set my alarms, they would go off, and I would get up, turn them off and then get back into bed. Now obviously this isn't exactly what you want when you're trying to start a new sleeping schedule. A huge part of wanting to get back into bed was that the bed was warm and outside of the bed was cold. So this time around I've made sure my window is closed before I get into bed, and my fan at my window is pointed towards the ceiling, so it's not blowing on me when I get out of my bed to make me colder.

Some pie graphs of how much sleep you get with some of the more common polyphasic sleep schedules.

So far my changes are working well, I haven't overslept yet, but it is indeed still early in the experiment. Last night I experienced something that happened before: I got very cold during the early morning hours. I pulled out a blanket and wrapped myself in it while watching TV at my computer. I never use blankets, but I felt so cold. Not saying that there's anything wrong with blankets, of course, but I remember this happening last time I tried polyphasic sleep and I'm not exactly surprised it's happening again. Although I am wondering why I feel colder earlier in the morning. I have some ideas, but none of them have any proof or solid reasoning behind them.

It is now 2:50 AM, and I have taken my second nap of the night and I'm feeling the tiredness setting in more now than before. Luckily this sleeping schedule actually lets me get enough sleep to not be a literal walking zombie if my body doesn't immediately drop into REM sleep like it has to with the Uberman. I view this schedule as more of a kiddie pool or shallow end as opposed to the Uberman ocean.
Of course, if you get your body used to this schedule, you can lead into the Uberman, if you so desired. Why you'd bother, I'm not completely sure, as this schedule is more flexible and useful in everyday life than the Uberman, but it was a thought I had.

After my fourth or fifth nap tonight, it is now 5:10. The night is almost over and I haven't overslept severely. :D
Hopefully I'll feel less tired when the sun comes up, given the natural rhythm of our bodies.

Well, I just had my final nap of the night, and I haven't overslept. This looks promising, hopefully I can continue the pattern.


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