The C4 Gambit: Writeup

I was reminded that this blog actually exists yesterday, so I figured that I should actually conclude my posts about my C4 project, which I did finish a few months ago.

This is back before the Hyperion wormhole changes, so the C4 only had a C4 static, instead of a dual static as it now does.
It took me a few days to get moved in and get all the ships I wanted in the wormhole, but once I did I was ready to do whatever it was wormhole people did. My primary reason for wanting to live in a wormhole was the money. I'd heard that they were really good money and all of that fun stuff. So I ran some sites in my Vargur. And it's true, the money in wormholes is pretty darn good. I was making about 100 million ISK per site, which I could run in about half an hour, which is 200m an hour running sites. That's pretty good money.

The problems started arising when I wasn't running sites, or really doing anything. It turns out it's a lot harder to idle in a POS than a station, for some reason. Because of that, and because I was alone in my hole, I found myself logging in less and less as time went on. In total, I think I stayed in the hole for about a month and a half. I'm quite sure I made money on the excursion, but probably not as much as I would have anticipated.

Another reason I wanted to try wormhole life was the PVP. I'd heard of glorious small-gang PVP in wormholes and while I knew I was going to be solo, I thought that I might find some people to fight at some time. But nope. I think I came across about a dozen actual people in space in my travels through w-space. And 99% of them were in cloaky scanny ships. So there was no PVP to be had for me in that time. I'm also in USTZ, so a large portion of EVE is asleep or at work when I'm on, which I'm sure didn't help.

I had elected not to do PI in the hole, so I can't really talk about C4 PI, although I did set my alts up in a C1 to do PI at one point, but I've written about that experience before.

The biggest thing that I took away from the entire experience was that doing EVE alone is really, really hard. And I was still in my corporation while this was going on, I just had nobody around me in space, which apparently makes a huge difference in morale. It's very hard to keep your own inspiration and morale up when it's only you and your alts to face the dangerous landscape that is New Eden.


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