A Red Letter Day

Saturday was quite the interesting day.

It started out being quite normal. I've moved to Fountain since last I wrote, I did live in Providence in the 4th alliance, but now I'm in Clan Shadow Wolf of Fatal Ascension. So I'm up there scanning around because that's what I do when I get bored. Yay probes! Anyway. I was scanning out wormholes to see if I could find an easy to to hisec for one of my corpmates (more on that in a different post) and I came across a C5 wormhole. I wasn't really paying attention to the wormhole information beyond that it was a C5 so I just jumped right in. I d-scanned first, as always and saw quite a few caps on scan. Of course, this doesn't mean a whole lot, because it's easy to have capital ships unpiloted at POSes, and many people do. I'm not quite sure what prompted me to do it, but I switched to my salvaging overview and scanned to see if anyone was running sites. Lo and behold: sleeper large wrecks.
My pulse started to increase. Could they be doing capital escalations with an open hole? I double checked the hole information again, and realized that I had initialized it, which means they didn't know it was here yet, if I was lucky. I probably didn't have long before someone stroked their discovery scanner, so I set about trying to find the anom they were in. I started out by binary searching space by scanning at different ranges to try and find the anom they were in. I narrowed it down to 4 anoms within 6 and 7 AU. I warped to the first. A single sleeper battleship; no dice. Warp to the second (at 100 as always) and oh, look, a fleet.
I had found their running fleet. Even remembered to take a screenshot.

Catch 'em with their pants down!

I posted the intel in alliance chat, and got a few people expressing their surprise that I had found them in such a vulnerable position. I asked if there was a high enough level FC that would be able to put a fleet together to try and take them out, but nobody got back to me. One of my corpmates pinged a FC and was talking to him, but by this point their site running fleet had finished the site and was warping off. I tracked them as they left and saw they weren't going to a new site. Drat. Probably noticed the new signature and decided to safe up after one site rather than risk it. I let me corpmate know and left the hole. You got lucky this time, wormholers! *shake fist*

A few hours later a ping went out for a quick black ops fleet to try and drop some of the people in Fountain Core. I hopped in because I like blops fleets, always have. Plus killing people. We were sitting around for a while when the FC said that CCP Mimic was going to stop by our staging system to say hi. He said he had asked her and she'd said yes, surprising him.
Sure enough, about five minutes later CCP Mimic showed up in local. She warped to the undock and a solid 40 people undocked to see her Polaris Legatius frigate. She was the first dev I'd ever seen in space, so that was really cool to have happen. I took quite a few screenshots myself, as well.

Ooh, shiny.
Following that we dropped a Daredevil and killed it. Beyond that there were not a lot of kills to be had that night.

That concludes what was probably one of my more interesting days. Catching a wormhole group with their pants down doesn't happen often, and seeing a dev and a dev ship in space happens even less often than that.


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