My Wormhole Adventure

This is a story about a bit of a wormhole adventure I had some three months ago at the time of writing. I originally posted it on Reddit, and I even got a few responses from the wormholers talked about in the story.


This is a story of gudfights and spacebros.

There was a C5 wormhole that opened in our nullsec home. It seemed a normal wormhole, but little did it know that it was soon going to be closed, quite violently.
Not too long after the wormhole opened, there was a red scout that popped into local. We had of course already scanned down the wormhole entrance, so we went to go have a look, and turns out that scout was in an Enyo. We fenced with each other for a few minutes, then the wormholers started jumping a Thanatos in and out of the entrance. While they were destabilizing the wormhole we formed up in a small Domi blob, with about 5 Domis with bouncers.

We warped to 100 off of the wormhole, but they jumped back through, the wormhole entrance now at critical mass. We sat there waiting for like 20 minutes, while I orbited the wormhole entrance in my Crow. After a little while a Devoter jumped through, and we tried to kill it but he was able to burn back and jump in, and apparently didn't have any guns fit. So he refit to guns and came back, and stayed for longer. He got my crow down to armor and I jumped through the wormhole, and I had planned to jump back and be fine, but before I could he jumped through, and the wormhole went 'sloop' and disappeared.

This guy..
There was a moment of silence on comms, then everyone exploded, laughing and saying the same thing, 'You got stuck!'
So there I was, sitting in a hostile wormhole, with a Devoter, Enyo and a Tornado on where the entrance to my home used to be. The Devoter bubbled up, but I, being in an interceptor, ignored the bubble and warped off to the sun, making a safe along the way.
While I warped back to my safe the wormholers laughed in local that I got stuck, and we started talking. One of them challenged me to a interceptor 1v1, which I accepted. I told him I had 70% shields, so we waited for my shields to regen. While we waited, I asked if I could get my pod out after the fight. (He was in a Taranis.) And they said that they could get me out.

My shields now at full, me and the wormholer started to fight. He started out dealing a lot more damage than I, but I got some transversal and started to deal more damage. I saw my shield getting low and overheated my missile launchers--which I usually forget to do--and my damage increased even more. He was now in armor, and I was at about 75% armor. My missiles continued to get hotter, and he hit 50% armor when I hit structure. As my flaming hull kept valiantly shooting missiles, he hit 30% armor and my brave ship exploded into a million pieces.

GFs were exchanged, and they invited me to their fleet, and told me to warp to them. I warped and jumped out of their wormhole into nullsec, Vale of the Silent to be precise. I then made my long way back to my home in my capsule, stopping by Amarr to refit to a new interceptor.

So I salute you, spacebros of the wormhole. Fly safe.


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