Enter: Wormholers

It was an average day in nullsec. I undocked in my buzzard to go scan around and I saw two signatures in my system. Scanned them down, and lo and behold they're both N432s. If you're not familiar with wormhole tags, N432 is a nullsec to C5 wormhole. So I hopped into the first one and started poking around. I saw one active POS, which happened to be a small POS. In a C5. That's just asking to be killed, but anyhow. This wormhole was pretty empty, and there were some sites hanging around, so I made a note of that, in case one of my corpmates wanted to put up a fleet to run them later. I scanned around and found some other random stuff and a wormhole to a C4.
Hopping out of that wormhole, I went over to C5a and looked around in there. There was a POS in this wormhole too, but this one was a large POS instead of a small, so they weren't stupid. It also apparently had an X-Large SAA, so they had caps in there, but I'm getting ahead of myself.

That guy. In the middle.
After poking around in there and finding nothing special I left the wormhole and went to go eat dinner. Soon after I got back a red popped into local. Myself, Luna, Coredun, and Thorstein all got eyes around the system, on both wormholes and the gates. We waited around for a little while, I was in a cloaky Buzzard, Luna in a Stratios, Thorstein was a Rifter and Coredun in a Malediction. Of course, the stratios that was cloaked up in our system would go after the Malediction. The Astero uncloaked and tackled Coredun. Who died. Obviously. Luckily he did get his pod out, though I don't think he had anything special in his head.
Since I was already en route to reship to try and help Coredun when he died, I just kept going and got myself in to one of my trusty thrashers, and I told Coredun to reship into a destroyer. Thorstein apparently didn't have one, so he stayed in his Rifter. After a few minutes he had reshipped, and I told them to undock and warp to the hole, we were going to try and take down that Stratios. I didn't really think we were going to have enough DPS, but I wasn't sure because I'd never fought a Stratios before. We landed on the wormhole, and started shooting at the Stratios. We got him into armor almost immediately, and started working our way through his armor. He had started shooting me in the mean time, ignoring Coredun who was in a Corax. I had my guns overheated from the start, and had to turn that off when he was around 1/3 of the way into armor, of course by this point my shields were down and my armor was about as tanked as a paper airplane. Oh, did I forget to mention, his friends came through when we landed on him: a Pilgrim (luckily capless guns!) and a Navy Hurricane. By the time I hit armor I was already spamming warp out to get my pod out. Unfortunately we did not have enough DPS to break the Stratios. Nice to know. But there went one of my disposable Thrashers I have lying around to go blow up in. After I made a nice explosion, they switched to Coredun. He didn't last much longer, but instead of just dying peacefully, he jumped through the wormhole and immediately warped away. Unfortunately, I hadn't bookmarked the exist of that wormhole when I was in it previously, and he forgot to do it before he warped. So he was now stuck. Sort of.

Thorstein volunteered to warp into the wormhole and give Coredun the warpout, and I told him he should go in his pod because they align almost instantly. He warped to the hole in his pod, and jumped through. Coredun initiated warp to him at whatever range he did, probably not zero. Then a Broadsword popped out of the hole. Soo that's exciting. Thorstein had already jumped back through and warped away right before the Broadsword's bubble went up. But now Coredun was well and truly stuck. At this point, they had a Broadsword, Stratios, a cloaked Pilgrim and Astero on the hole in nullsec, along with a Navy Cane back in their hole. We wanted to kill them if we could, but we didn't really have the ships to do it. So we posted in intel channels there were some reds chilling in our system, and they should be killed or something, y'know.

This picture has nothing to do with anything, but it's pretty.
A few minutes later, a fleet advert popped up, saying they were going after the reds in our system. So we switched over to that fleet, which had a member of APOC and two people who were neutral to us in it. Turns out those neutrals were from People's Capitalist Liberation Front, a wormhole corp that was friendly to Provi. We got their comms info and got into their Teamspeak. It took us considerably longer to form up than I thought the reds would hang around, but they stayed with their bubbled Broadsword for at least 10 or 15 minutes, kindly waiting for us to form up our fleet. Our FC, Lucius, wanted just DPS, preferably battlecruiser or so. I grabbed my Drake, and my alt's Scythe to provide some T1 logi. Dex, the CEO of Lai Dai, was in a Naga. We also had a Vexor, Gnosis, Maller, and Corax. Lucius was in his Pilgrim.

Lucius gave the order to warp to the hole at zero, and we all zoomed off. I told my alt to warp at range, but, you know, bubbles. When we got there, the Stratios and Broadsword were uncloaked. Lucius told us to target the Stratios, because Broadswords are bricks. We started taking him down, but he jumped back through the wormhole. I believe the Pilgrim also went back, or he warped off or something. I don't remember shooting at him. But we surrounded the wormhole and waited. Then, suddenly, the Navy Hurricane jumped through. He got a pretty unlucky jump in point, because he was out of range of getting back into the wormhole. And we webbed and scrammed him and he went nowhere until he blew up. He got his pod out because we didn't have any kind of bubbler.

So that was exciting, and was worth more ISK than all of our other losses combined. Lucius told me to reship into an Onyx in case any of the came back through the hole. Unfortunately nobody did. They all safed up in their POS and went about doing whatever it was they did.

In conclusion, it was a lot of fun flying with CAPLF, they were good people and quite friendly.
Hope Bob treats you well, spacebros. o7


Lucius Arcturus said...

Anytime :)

Viktoriya Choms said...

Loved the article! And I was friendly, LA is just scary c; Fly safe, spacebros!

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