Wormhole Logistics

I logged in to my wormhole to update my PI and things I do every night, and I noticed that the POS is getting low on fuel, I've got just about a week's worth left, and I have PI goods to sell. So I hopped into my Heron and scanned down the signatures in my hole. There were three of them, all of which are wormholes. How nice. I warped to the first one at zero. Saw the blue color of the wormhole, and concluded it was a C1/C2 hole. I was in the solar system view as I warped, and after I got the info on the wormhole, I initiated warp to the next one.
At that point I heard the sound of being shot. I had already initiated warp at this point, and right after that entered warp.
As I warped away I saw there was a Thrasher on grid with me, and I was in 50% structure. Well damn, that was close. I knew even if he followed me he wouldn't be able to get to the hole I was warping to and catch me before I warped back to the POS, so as soon as I landed I started warp to my POS. While I was aligning, I bookmarked the wormhole, which was our N110, hisec static. Right as I warped off, as I predicted, in came the Thrasher.
Well, then. That was exciting. I needed to repair, and I didn't have the things to do it at the POS, so I warped at zero to the hisec hole and jumped out. I went, repaired and came back. As I warped back to the POS, a Manticore uncloaked, probably trying to lock me, but he couldn't manage it in time, so I got out safely.
I knew there was one more wormhole in our system that I didn't know where it went, so I warped to the last sig at 100. The hole was red and angry looking. C5/C6. That would be where all these hostiles came from. Probably doing logistics of their own, given the ease of getting to hisec through our static.

Needless to say, I decided not to do any logistics for the day.


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