How to Defeat the CFC

Since James 315 posted his extremely long and detailed rebuttal to Ripard Teg's post on how the Halloween war was the last war in EVE it's been kind of a large topic. Have Goons won EVE? Is there no one who can stop them anymore?
I want to talk about these questions, and expound on James' post as well.

As a quick recap, Ripard said that nobody has the force to challenge the CFC and their Russian allies.

James said that you shouldn't consider the CFC and the Russies the fastest of friends and inseparable in their cooperation, and it isn't unlikely that they might go to war against each other before too long, or at the least not be allies anymore.

The pies!
Personally, I'm much more inclined to lead towards James' propaganda post as the truth. Ripard's has too much sensationalism for my tastes. But in any case, the current fact is that CFC owns a lot of space. Not more systems than the east, because the eastern regions are much more dense, but they still own a lot of space.
One thing that particularly stuck out to me was James' mention of something that seemed to be splitting hairs, that the CFC doesn't own systems. The alliances in the CFC own systems. The CFC projects a face of complete unity and solidarity, that they could never be shaken or broken. Without even knowing anything about their internal politics I can tell you this is not true. I can make that statement with complete certainty because I know people, and that many people don't get along without friction. And where there's friction there can be heat, and heat, fire.

My point is that the CFC isn't unbreakable, or unassailable. The difference is that this time they can't be beat with force, they have to be struck with the knife of subtlety: spies. Spies have permeated the CFC by this point, I'm sure all alliances and probably corporations that are in the CFC, and it now falls to them to start stirring up friction between the alliances in the coalition. It doesn't even have to be between an alliance and GoonWaffe, just between two individual alliances, agitated to the point of inflammation that can't be ignored or dealt with. When that happens, an alliance splits off, making the CFC smaller and weaker, bit by bit. There are 13 alliances in the CFC that aren't Goonswarm Federation. Those 13 alliances make up close to 3/4 of the coalition, and Goonswarm Federation can't take on those numbers.

So get to it, spies. Want to make history? Make the CFC go the way of Band of Brothers, because they sure aren't going to lose from force. This is your fight now.


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