Heidiphasic Sleep - Day 1

Well, I'm off to such an excellent start. I took my 10 o'clock nap at 11, and then I overslept a little bit. Slept through two alarms, and dad woke me up.. But I'm awake now and stuff.

I was playing Terraria for a while, and I've almost gotten the set of Adamantite armor, then there's Hallowed armor and stuff, which is a huge jump.

I hate this part, your body really wants sleep, and you haven't started getting used to the schedule yet, so I'm just damn tired. Must push through all the tiredness!


Just got up from my core sleep. Didn't oversleep at all, which is good. I feel quite rested, which is way more than I got with the polyphasic sleep at any point in the whole thing. I imagine that I'm going to be tired later in the day, but we shall see.

Today is my sister's Halloween party, and I'm probably going to miss the 4 o'clock nap, so I might take one earlier but I don't know how that will work.

I'm ending Day 1 at Saturday morning, although it technically probably doesn't end 'till the 10PM nap of today.


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