Polyphasic Sleep Take II - Wrapping Up

Well, I believe it's time to turn the page on polyphasic sleeping for me. It is a really cool concept and it's awesome to have more hours in the day to do stuff with, but my biggest problem is that the rest of the world is monophasic, and I have to make a lot of exceptions to be polyphasic. I do wish that I could sleep polyphasically, that would be awesome and I wouldn't feel like I was wasting the night, but the sacrifices I have to make for it aren't worth it for me.

I have learned a lot about myself and sleeping through this process (both this time and last time.) For example, I do believe that if I ever need to stay up all night for more than one night, I could slip into a more polyphasic sleeping schedule for how ever long I needed to do that. Having options and variability is an awesome thing.

I've had fun with this, I hope it was entertaining or at least informative reading, thanks for sticking with me.


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