Abandoned C5s

I live in nullsec, and I do a lot of scanning around my home, so naturally I find wormholes. There's usually at least one if not more wormholes active around my ring on a daily basis. Very frequently these are N432s, which are holes departing nullsec going into C5 space. So I've visited a lot of C5 systems. Usually I don't do anything except poke my head in and see what is happening, but occasionally I will ninja mine some gas, or gank some silly miners. Even more rarely will I get a fleet together of spider-tanking Dominixes to run the sites in abandoned C5s.

You never know what's going to be on the other side.
Since I do find quite a few C5s, I also find abandoned C5s pretty often. I'll jump into the system and check the discovery scanner, and sometimes see upwards of 20 signatures and 50 anomalies with no active towers. That's a pretty abandoned hole if I do say so myself. And oddly enough, these abandoned C5s feel old and very lonely to me. I feel like I'm visiting space that has been relatively untouched by players for quite a while.

I've always liked abandoned things, like buildings or what have you that people have created and abandoned. These uninhabited C5s have the same feel to me as visiting an old, decrepit house does. Although there isn't as much to see in C5s, unfortunately.


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