"Let's Escalate", said PL

It was a normal afternoon for me, just gotten home from school and I heard there was an OP to repair a POCO someone had reinforced in lowsec. They were calling for armor battleships, and I don't fly armor all that well, so I hopped into my armor Retribution (which was fairly useless, but whatever) and popped over to the staging system. After some form-up time the order for the two triage Chimeras to jump into the system was given, and they started repping and suchlike. Our subcap fleet undocked and headed out to our bridge point, in case we needed to bridge in and hopefully get a good fight with whoever reinforced the POCO.

My first time seeing supercarriers, too.
We sat there for a little while and all was quiet. There was a Naga that warped in at range and started shooting one of the carriers, but with medium guns. So he did no damage whatsoever. About 10 minutes later, a red Falcon warped in and threw up a cyno. An enemy subcap fleet started coming in, a Raven, Bhaalgorn, assorted other battleships, in all about 20 or so people. This was what we were expecting and hoping for, so one of our carrier pilots lit his own cyno and we bridged on top of them, the FC calling the Bhaalgorn as primary, also saying to point it and spread points. 'Course, most people were in battleships, and those aren't the best for pointing things. I, like a dumbass, had my Retribution fit up for a corp doctrine which didn't have any kind of point, so I couldn't do anything except try and plink away with my pitiful damage. With no fast tackle on the field, the Bhaalgorn warped out. We managed to catch the Raven, and a Falcon as well, but everybody else got out safely.

After this we sat around for another 20 minutes or so, waiting to see if something would happen. There were about 15 reds in local, three of which were PL and one was a known PL hotdropper. So we were aware we might get dropped by some capitals. Around this point a red Reaper warped in, and lit his cyno. The FC immediately called it primary, but in the time it took us to kill it PL had dropped 4 Aeons and 2 Nyxes. A little bit overkill for one Chimera (our other had jumped out) and 20-something battleships. Nonetheless, drop it they did, and they primaried our remaining Chimera. He melted extremely quickly under the damage of six supers. Unfortunately he had almost reached jumpcap when he was pointed by one of the subcaps. So he exploded. The new capital wrecks are quite nice.

Overkill, eh?
The Nyx was called primary and we started attacking it. One of our other FCs had an armor battleship fleet formed up back home, and was waiting to reinforce us. So the FC lit his cyno and brought all of them in. With all of our DPS we actually started to break the Nyx's tank when a new cyno went up, and in came the Archons, and Nyxes and Aeons. One of the new Archons was called primary and we tried to kill it. Obviously there were way too many reps and triage carriers on the field to get the job done. We stayed this way, trying to kill something, for a while. Inevitably, our battleships were dying, and the call to warp out was made.

At this point GFs were put in local, even thought it was hardly a good fight, and we started extracting. We lost the ISK war, but luckily our two triage carriers had gotten the POCO up above 25% shield, so that part of the op was a success at least. Plus I got to witness supercarriers in battle for the first time, which was very cool.


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