Heidiphasic Sleep - Week 3 Overview

The biggest development in the past week was my deciding to change my wakeup time from 5:30 AM to 6 AM. My reasoning behind this was that for like three days at the beginning of this week, I would have the hardest time waking up. I would get out of bed, but sit at my computer and pretty much fall asleep in my chair. So I'd get back in bed and sleep for an hour and get up at 6:30 or 7. It didn't make me late to school but it was a lot longer than I meant to sleep. After this happened for a few days I decided to give myself a bit more sleep, hence the 6 AM.

Other than that, since this week's schedule has been crazy (Thanksgiving break on Thursday and Friday, etc) I actually skipped both of my naps on Thanksgiving, but it turned out okay because I had a Monster, so that's something. Then today (Saturday) I forgot to take my 4PM nap because I think I was helping dad hang Christmas lights at the time. Took my 10PM one though, and that was fine.
I'm working on getting back into the schedule correctly, but sometimes real life doesn't allow it. Fortunately the schedule seems to be flexible and forgiving enough to allow for missed naps and oversleeping in the mornings and all sorts of nonsense.


anon said...

Pretty interesting. I myself will try heidiphasic sleeping so it's interesting to see your progress.

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